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Board meetings are held about once every 6 weeks

Please contact any Board member if you have any questions or concerns
ACT Executive
President Secretary

David Johnson
2108 Rosser Ave.
Brandon, R7B 0C9
Ph: (204) 728-9269 (H)


Karen Martin
1532 Patricia Avenue
Brandon MB R7A 7K7
Ph: (204) 573-0334

Vice-President Treasurer

Judy Arnason
24 River Ridge Road
La Salle, R0G 0A2
Ph: (204) 736-4655 (h) (204) 981-9152 (c)
Ph: (204) 957-3441 (w)

Scott Cameron
Box 434
Gimli, R0C 1B0
Ph: (204)  642-9648 (h)
Ph: (204)  641-5118 (c)
Past President
Regional Representatives
Groups are allocated to each Regional Rep by the Board to equitably distribute our members amongst the Reps.
Please contact any Regional Rep if you have questions from your Group
North-West Man North-East Man

VACANT - If you are interested in serving, please contact the Board

Donna Wilson
204 Riverside Drive
Thompson R8N 0X2
Ph: (204) 677-5036
Ph: (204) 939-1576 (Cell) <
South-West Man South-East Man

Caren Dundas
321-2006 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg R2N 0K8
Ph: (204) 275-3825 (H)
Cell: (204) 803-7673


Cathy McGrath
Box 813
Neepawa  R0J 1H0
Ph:  (204) 476-5181 (Cell)

Ron Blicq
3031 - 905 Shaftesbury Blvd
Winnipeg MB, R3P 0Y3
Ph: (204) 488-7294
Cell: (204) 981-7439
Newsletter and Website
Newsletter Editor Website Administrator
Rrain Prior
Box 813
Neepawa R0J 1H0
Ph: (204) 841-2232  (204) 476-3232

John Tait