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ACT Member Groups
Member Groups are from five Manitoba regions:

North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West

Links to member Group Websites are provided in the contact information.  If your group website is not listed please contact us and we will provide a link to you.

Groups registered for the current fiscal year (2017/2018) have ('18) following their group name.


Map of ACT Manitoba member group locations and performance venues (if available)

A-Spire Players Inc. ('18) Gimli
Haystack Productions ('18) Beausejour
Holy Hams (Selkirk United Church) ('18) Selkirk
Pinawa Players ('18) Pinawa
Rapid City Drama Club ('18) Rapid City
3rd Ave. Vagabond Theatre Co. ('18) Russell/Binscarth
Whitemud Comedy Company ('18) Neepawa
flatlands theatre company ('18) Winkler
Prairie Players ('18) Portage la Prairie
Real Live Entertainment ('18) Steinbach
Assiniboine Theatre Company ('18) Brandon
Phoenix Players ('18) Virden
7 Ages Productions ('18) Brandon
Broken Record Productions ('18)
R-G Productions ('18)
Shoestring Players ('18)
ACT Member Contacts
[North-East]   [North-West]   [South-East]   [South-West]   [Winnipeg]
North-East Manitoba
A-Spire Players Inc.     (Gimli)
Anthony Ducharme (Chair)
Box 359
Winnepeg Beach, R0C 3G0
Ph: (204) 389-4111

Haystack Productions     (Beausejour)
Alice Young
Box 67
Garson, R0E 0R0
Ph: (204) 268-1280
Judy Oderkirk
Box 55
Beausejour R0E 0C0
Ph: (204) 205-1206
Pinawa Players     (Pinawa)
Wanda Woodbeck (Chair)
P.O Box 271 (c/o Pinawa Players)
Pinawa, R0E 1L0
Ph: (204) 340-0626 (Cell)
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Shannon Swaenepeol(Treasurer)
Box 271 (c/o Pinawa Players)
Pinawa, R0E 1L0
Ph: (204) 753-8247(H)
North-West Manitoba
Rapid City Drama Club     (Rapid City)
Linda Thomson
Box 344
Rapid City R0K 1W0
Ph: (204) 826-2332
Ph: (204) 720-4365
Karen Martin
1532 Patricia Ave
Brandon R7A 7K7
Ph: (204) 573-0334
3rd Ave. Vagabond Theatre Co.     (Binscarth/Russell)
B-Ann Woodhouse-Atamanchuk
Russell R0J 0G0
Ph: (204) 773-0924
Ph: (204) 773-3500
Betty Senger

Russell, R0J 1W0
Ph: (204) 773-3571 (H)
Whitemud Comedy Company     (Neepawa)
Rrain Prior
Box 813
Neepawa R0J 1H0
Ph: (204) 841-2232  (204) 476-3232
Amanda Naughton-Gale
Box 81
Neepawa R0J 1H0
South-East Manitoba
flatlands Theatre Company    (Winkler)
Melisa Grenier
135 - 13th Street
Winkler R6W 1S2
Ph: (204) 362-8959
Jeanette Hoeppner
1250 Shamrock Bay
Winkler, MB, R6W 1N7
Ph: (204) 325-8434 - (204) 325-4710 (W)
FAX: (204) 325-6478
Prairie Players     (Portage la Prairie)
Stephanie Kauffman
11-2nd St N.E.
Portage La Prairie R1N 1R8
Ph: (204) 872-2248
Paul Warthe
11-2nd St N.E.
Portage La Prairie R1N 1R8
Ph: (204) 239-1840
Ph: (204) 353-4200 .
Real Live Entertainment     (Steinbach)
Alan Fehr
Box 4635
Steinbach, R5G 1R4
Ph: (204) 380-4578
Jenn Taplin
Steinbach, R5G 1R4
Ph: (204) 990-6581
South-West Manitoba
Assiniboine Theatre Company    (Brandon)
David Simard
71 Riverheights Dr.
Brandon R7B 2Y1
Ph:  204-720-1782
John Szabo
106 Braeview Pl.
Brandon R7C 1A1
Ph:  204-761-7711
Phoenix Players     (Virden)
Karl Depaepe
Box 1174
Virden R0M 2C0
Ph: (204) 512-0395
George Baker
Box 2311
Virden R0M 2C0
Ph: (204) 851-0815   (204) 748-2319
7 (Seven) Ages Productions    (Winnipeg)
George Buri
65 Bonaventure Drive East
Winnipeg, MB R3X 0N1
Ph: 204-724-7573
Trish Buri
65 Bonaventure Drive East
Winnipeg, MB R7B 3N2
Ph: 204-253-4480
Broken Record Productions
Judy Arnason
24 River Ridge Rd
La Salle R0G 0A2
Ph: (204) 736-4655   (204) 981-9152
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Bill Moore
774 Garfield St. N
Winnipeg R3G 2M5
Ph: (204) 786-1507
R-G Productions
Heather Forgie
514 Clifton St.
Winnipeg R3G 2X2
Ph: (204) 417-4364
John Bent
C-160 Marion St.
Winnipeg R2H 0T4
Ph: (204) 963-8907
Shoestring Players
Peter Spencer
1 Scotia Street
Winnipeg, R2W 3W6
Ph: (204)  586-7994
Maureen Taggart
1151 Wellington Cres.
Winnipeg R3N 0A1
Ph: (204) 487-0936