November 2012    
Membership Registration
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Become a Group Member of ACT.
As a Group Member, your group will:
  • have a group vote at ACT General Meetings
  • be eligible to participate in the ACT Drama Festival
  • be eligible for financial support for Educational Opportunities (Scholarship and Theatre Development Fund)
  • have access to Professional Resources for Educational Opportunities
  • be eligible for assistance from the Board with any questions or concerns your group may have, whether it be developmental, educational or technical
  • be eligible for Travel allowances to ACT Sponsored Events such as the Festival

Group Membership Rates are $150 per year (Sept 1 to Aug 31 - Due on September 1 each year)

Groups are encouraged to let their members know that they can submit their E-mail address to ACT's Information Distribution List to help them keep up-to-date with current events and information in our Newsletter. Details are posted on the Newsletter page.

Note: Only Member Groups can enter a production at the ACT Provincial Festival. All members of your Group may attend the ACT Festival and access Educational opportunities.


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