Instructions For E-mailing the Registration Form:

Open the Group/Individual Registration Form and fill out the Form by clicking in each text box provided and typing in the information.

Click on a Blank area of the Registration Form after you have completed it.

Hold down the "CRTL" key and press letter "A"

This will "select"(highlight)all the information in the Window.

Click on "Edit/Copy" in your Browser Window Menu Toolbar

Click on the "Actman" address link provided at the bottom of the Registration Form to open a new mail message window:
or Click here: Email to: ACT Secretary

and put in a Subject message: "ACT REGISTRATION"

(Note: If you are using a Web-based Email system (such as Gmail or Yahoo), you will need to connect to your Email Provider)

Click once in the blank Message area

Click on "Edit/Paste" in your Email Program Menu Tool Bar.

The Filled-out Form should now be in the message area of the Email

Hit SEND.... That's all there is to it! (Don't forget to send in your Cheque by Postal Mail and a printed copy of the Registration Form as well)

(If it does not Paste into your email program correctly, please make sure your SEND options are Send Message in HTML format.)

(If it still does not work, then you will need to Print the Registration Form from your Browser and Send it by Postal Mail - Sorry!)