ACT Playscript Library Search (Manitoba)

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Your ACT Board encourages its member groups to submit scripts of plays that they have performed, to their local library for cataloguing. Plays that have been catalogued can be seached on-line here and can be ordered through your local library inter-library loans. Hopefully this will provide member groups with the means to read a variety of scripts without having to order copies from the Play Catalogue services.

If you find a script that you would like to perform, you will of course
need to order the script from the publisher.

Below are links to University and Public Library Search engines that you may find useful.

If you do not find a play you are interested in, you can find a list of Play Catalogue Services
on our Theatre Resources page that may be of help in locating a source for a play.

University Library Script Search

The following links will take you to University Library Search Engines which will allow you to search for play script holdings that can be ordered through your Local Public Library inter-library loan services.

The search engines will generally not allow for searching all playscript holdings, but if you search on the AUTHOR and/or play TITLE you should get some hits that will allow you to narrow your search.

  • University of Brandon - Search on Author/Title/All Plays - Easy to use
    • HINT: Use Advanced Search - to see ALL play holdings
      set "field to search" as all fields
      in the "type word" box enter the words: a play
      set the "words adjacent" radio button to YES
      Click on "No. of Records" to view the play holdings
      You can Reorder the plays by Author or Title by clicking on the "AUTHOR" or "TITLE" heading.

  • University of Manitoba - Author/Title Search

  • University of Winnipeg - Author/Title Search (NOTE: for Author Search: enter LAST, FIRST name (with comma))

Public Library Script Search

  • Manitoba Public Libraries - Author/Title Search - click Search Tab - choose "search type" and enter keyword
    • NOTE: Enter Author as LAST,  FIRST name (with comma)
      Not as comprensive as above links

  • World Wide Catalogue Search - Search over 10,000 libraries WorldWide - Includes some reviews/comments on plays.
    • A bit cumbersome, but will provide library holdings outside Manitoba.
      Enter Location as Manitoba, Canada to find nearby libraries.