The purpose of the Association of Community Theatres of Manitoba (ACT Manitoba) Inc. (AKA "the Association" or "ACT MB" or just simply "ACT") is to promote the development and growth of community theatre and the performing arts involving amateurs in Manitoba.




To support community theatre in Manitoba by providing resources, opportunities and guidance.




To develop and grow community theatre in Manitoba.




To promote community theatre activities in Manitoba by establishing appropriate programs of education, development, exchange and liaison and adjudication.

To co-operate with groups, boards and organizations whose objectives include the development and advancement of community theatre in Manitoba.

To plan, organize and operate a Festival in Manitoba at least annually, under rules and regulations as established from time to time by the ACT MB Board.

To act as a central office for informing members of theatre activities and endeavors, to further the Association's educational programs, to develop members' theatre skills and expertise, and to promote the use of local Manitoba theatre resources.

To maintain a program of assistance for member groups to promote the above aims.

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