Since it's inception, a primary reason for ACT has been the planning and coordination of an annual Community Theatre Festival titled ACTFEST.  As of 2019, ACTFEST celebrated it's 40th anniversary.


As part of it’s annual provincial grant, on behalf of all it’s member groups, ACT receives funding to support the conduct of the Festival.  Every year, the ACT board encourages and then selects a member group to host the festival on behalf of ACT and it's member groups.

The Festival is a two to three day event normally scheduled on a weekend near the end of April or the beginning of May and held in the host group's own community, which could be anywhere across Manitoba.


The weekend features: performances by member groups;  adjudication of the shows by a panel of theatre professionals; workshops and information sessions on relevant topics; and of course a number of fun, social activities for the participants to interact and get to know each other.  It's a great opportunity to get together and compare notes.


Each member group that has members who attend is provided with travel assistance in the form of mileage for at least one vehicle to make the journey.   The host group normally coordinates meals at reasonable rates and provides a list of recommended places to stay and their costs.  You can make a full or part weekend of it, or come out just for a day.


Registration forms for participants and groups are traditionally made available online early in the new year and are accepted up until the end of March or mid April.  So check regularly on the ACT website for updates and links to this year's festival.


Updated:  17 April 2024